Ganesh Singaram on Creating Depth In Your Mix (

Great tutorial here on creating depth in your mix, a MUST-watch for any new producers.

All of my past productions have always been lacking something and I have ventured out to search for what it is. Was it musicality, the technique/groove, the sounds? after watching this 46 minute video with Point Blank instructor Ganesh Singaram, I can say that I have figured out what it was, it lies in the mastering and mixing. My track elements have always been all over the place and sonically your ears can tell, or “muddy” with lots of clashing elements. Now I have not entered the realms of mixing and mastering and I have never fully understood the concept, the only thing I have ever used to mix is trying to move the elements across the frequency spectrum using EQ, stopping there frequency content from clashing. When Ganesh started talking about “zones” and how to place different elements in these zones using compression, reverb and delay it absolutely blew my mind. I have always thought to use these effects to purely make the individual elements sound cool. My mixes have always been 2D, and with these techniques I can bring them in to more of a 3D space and it has given me fundamental knowledge in how to train myself to be better at create depth in various music. My tracks are now sounding.. I can’t even think of a hyperbolic term to describe to you how much better my tracks are sounding after watching this. I have been hung up for months thinking “What are my tracks lacking?.. I can feel they’re lacking something” and this is it. it feels like a miracle, I have never improved so much and in half of an hour. 

I heed you watch this new producers, this knowledge will make your tracks hugely improved.

Thank you Ganesh
Ganesh Singaram Mixing

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