Folkish (

1. Chain se shamosahar:

This is a semiclassical form of Indian classical music. This genre of music is called as ‘Ghazal’. Ghazal is a lyric poem with a fixed number of verses and a repeated rhyme, typically on the theme of love, and normally set to music. Generally, this form of music is performed and arranged by using Tabla, harmonium, and any kind of melody instrument but, I wanted a different treatment to the song. Therefore, this song contains use of electric as well as acoustic guitar which is providing contemporary feel to the composition. Whereas, the purpose of using Sarangi instrument is to provoke the painful emotion showed in the second verse.

2. Bairiya:

This song is an outcry of a woman. It’s a woman’s exclamations about how she has to go through all kinds of judgements made by people for her behaviour at small or large scale and how the situation is still unequal in case of women.

3. Gav Kosala:

This is an Indian style folk composition.Earlier days women in town used to sing songs and entertain themselves while doing their household works in person or group. That time they used to have varied conversations among themselves. This song is about teasing a newly married girl by asking her about her husband. Furthermore, the song ends with that newly married girl praising her husband in a poetic way.

4. Malyacha malyat:

This is an Indian style folk composition. It’s a narration of sweet and joyful girl who is roaming in a jungle and exploring various spaces in it. However more than just a narration, poet wants to relate a girl’s freedom and happiness with various elements of nature. Moreover, with the help of nature, poet wants to make her understand how interesting and empowering her aura could be.


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