It's been a minute since SHOGNOSISLABGROUP threw some music graffiti on the ears of the Plugged In Community.
Though we've been consistent and relentless with releases.
We still didn't come back here to get some educated listeners to check out this instrumental concept album.
Normally we go into the idea and the work that went into making it. But this time we just want you to take our word for it...
It's A Dope Album! If you like what you hear. Drop us a line on this or any project or subject of our music here.
The instrumental concept album We Don't Know What You're Doing is a bit of a poke at our attempt to drive attention towards our brand of music production and it is also a lo sci-fi story about a space crew rolling thru adventures in outer space.
As of many of our projects we look to bring new things to the table and showcase our music production chops.
#chillhouse #housemusic #berlin #electronicmusic #techno #house

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