Looking for singers, vocalists for Spinnin' Records, Hexagon, Protocol

Hi guys, my name is Adam. I used to do the complete DJ course back in 2015! I hope you guys all doing well! :) A lot happened to me since then but why I am writing now is just something else.. My very good friends Stadiumx are looking for talented upcoming singers, vocalists and they asked me to help in searching. They are a very well known name in the industry, one of the most famous progressive house name in the business. My friends love working together with upcoming talents, they always looking for the ones and they love helping as they exactly know it is not easy to get heard as an upcoming artist unfortunately.. They got platinum disc bangers, beatport #1s and all the major DJs playing their music around the world. Releasing music on the biggest labels like Spinnin' Records, Protocol, Armada, Hexagon, etc. They also have really good personal relationship with artists like David Guetta, Nicky Romero, Don Diablo, Robin Schulz so they can even forward the vocals to these artist in case they can't use them. If you feel the talent in yourself or if you guys know anyone talented voice out there from Point Blank then please let me know asap so I can put these people into an excel list! I think this would be a truly great opportunity to the talented singers out there as my friends are also willing to invest into the real talents buying flights and taking them into studios like Nicky Romero's Protocol Studio in the Netherlands to record vocals and stuffs like that so really a great opportunity!

The best if you e-mail me at adambartok@icloud.com or get in touch with me on facebook.com/adambart214

Thank you guys!

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