Looking For EDM Producer to Collaborate (London-based)

Hello everybody  Hope all is well ! I'm Fiona and I'm currently a MA Songwriting student at ICMP. I am looking for EDM producer to collaborate ( To co-produce / co-write ) for my final project, The Major Repertoire. It's going to be an-album worth body of work, for my artist project, will be probably about 10 songs. My project is going to focus on Electronic Dance Music. My music influences of the project include Hardwell, Zedd, Martin Garrix....just to name a few.

I use Ableton, so it will be good if you use Ableton as well. I'll need to do a presentation for the whole project in week commencing 20/August.

If interested, feel free to drop me a message & show me the tracks you've done  

My email is: stu00571385@icmp.ac.uk

I look forward to hearing from you /working with you  

(ps: Whether you are joining my project or not, if you are an EDM fan, feel free to say HI 

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