Cross Culture Cover Project Looking for Singers

Hi everyone, I'm looking for one male and one female singer to an upcoming cover project. The project is hosted in Asia with a group of artists such as musicians, sculptor, cloths designer, actors and director.

About the music, we're trying to make western hit songs into Oriental style. Trying to make the eastern sounds more understandable.


We've already made 4 volumes and this is the fifth one.

1. Faded Chinese Cover : 

2. Flashlight Chinese Cover :

3. See You Again Oriental EDM Cover :

4. Uptown Funk Oriental EDM Cover :

FaceBook Fanpage :

The fifth one this time will be Closer by The Chainsmokers (of course..) and I'm looking for both female and male singer for this one.

The project is non-profitable, just trying to make cool things happen. Please send me any best of your singing to if you're interested to be an "international singer". lol

I'll be the one recording and producing throughout the session in Point Blank studio so don't be shy :)

Oh btw, I'm an expierenced producer from Taiwan. So if you got any interesting projects going on or needing a mixing engineer or producer, feel free to contact me anytime! 



#edm #dance #singer #oriental #cover

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