Opinions on Push 2

Thinking about taking the plunge and purchasing push 2 with Ableton suite. I've worked on and off with Ableton for a while now but have bounced around  daws for awhile I've been using bitwig and have enjoyed it to a degree along with logic but seem to work better in bitwig because of the nonlinear approach compared to logic. The downside is that using bitwig leaves me pretty unopen to collaborating with others which for me is the best way to learn so I'm thinking about switching to Ableton along with possibly making the investment and adding a push 2. The reason I'm gravitating towards it is that I've always wanted something tactile to use to play with to inspire me and from the videos I've seen it seems that the push 2 controller would be something pretty useful to have but then again videos can also be misleading so I'm asking the community if anyone has the device and is using it  effectively .  I've pretty much made up my mind that I'm going to switch to Ableton because that is an affordable payment I can make with little damage but I'd like to take advantage of the sales going down right now and get the push 2 if people are really getting some use out of it.  Any thoughts?  


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