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BBC iPlayer : Can you Feel It - How Dance Music Conquered the World
New BBC documentary series, going way back to where it al began. If you haven't seen it already you can check it out on the iPlayer. Definitely well with a watch!  
Moog launches Moog One, its first polysynth in over three decades
Big news from Moog yesterday who have launched their first polyphonic synth in 3 decades the last one being the Memorymoog which was released in 1982.....the only problem is the price tag which at £5,999 is pretty damn expensive :(
Meet our Newest Instructors: Shadow Child, Rockwell, Anna Lakatos & More
Sorry I've been in and out of the forum the past two weeks. The start to the new term has been intense and really enjoyable. There's a number of great new instructors on the team...

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