by Zachary Russell in Trap about February 7, 2019 - report

The Future - Some experimental stuff

Hey I actually made this track to collaborate with some buddies but we liked are projects enough to just hands on make them. This took me about a week to get through after so hope you guys like it and give me some feedback :)

Got an old radio sample online from https://archive.org/details/oldtimeradio and cut it up. If you're looking for old radio vocals this is the place, it's filled with thousandss

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    by chad jackson about March 15, 2019

    Really digged it. That kind of wonky space bass.

    Those radio vocals was icing on the cake!

    great job man.

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    by ANNMS Music about February 20, 2019

    Man, that's a good experiment, especially the 8bit kicks. Love em! Also, thanks for the link. :) That will be helpful. :) 

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    by Lev Tjutjunnik about February 7, 2019

    Very experemental! Well done. Not my type of thing, but looking at the way modern music is going to, it woudn't surprise me that this style will be a next big thing in future

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