by JonBoyd in Hip Hop about November 15, 2018 - report

Working on creating a flow with my drums

I was working on this a couple days ago.  It mellows me out.  The hi hat flow keeps the energy there nonetheless for my ears.

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    by Zachary Russell about November 29, 2018

    I like the flow of this one! the Piano's great and the changeup with your kicks is cool. Also the perc & ride that come in are nice touches

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    by Alex Phountzi 1 about November 19, 2018

    Love the piano part on here and the drums are great as well. Is that a sampled piano?

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    • JonBoyd
      by JonBoyd
      November 22, 2018

      Thanks! and Nope, I have a small AKAI MPK mini that I use. This is just a tiny bit of my classical piano background sneaking in. I do often like to sample too though when I find the right sounds.

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