by Matthew Bowden 1 in Trance about October 30, 2018 - report

Trance attempt 1

So considering the comments of my last attempted track, I have decided to pay more attention to what I am putting in and how it is mixed (i hope)? I really haven't got a clue, so any feedback is a bonus! Its just played live and recorded today, haven't had any time to tweak anything so a few bits are out of sync here and there. eg. the lead timbre for example. I would love to know if, so far, I have mixed it correctly (or, at least better)? :D


Thank you :D

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    by Alex Phountzi 1 about October 30, 2018

    You're on the right lines in terms of the sounds, composition and arrangement, although I am no expert on trance. The mix is reasonable at the moment but this sounds like a demo, I think you could benefit from a bit more contrast in the mix, maybe the clap be louder and more in your face?

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    • Matthew  Bowden 1
      by Matthew Bowden 1
      October 30, 2018

      Oh you hero! Cheers fella... yeah it is a bit weak! Glad I’m on the right lines at least! Yeah it’s not finished. Wanted to be sure I’m not deaf

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