by Matthew Bowden 1 in Trance about October 16, 2018 - report

Please tell me it's cured of its illness? lol

I'm proper shit at mastering! would love to know how this compares to the other version...


Any feedback is welcomed :D

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    by JonBoyd about November 15, 2018

    I've noticed this and it might just be my ears and preference, but I feel like this could use some stereo spread and carefully placed and EQd reverb sends.  I can certainly feel the vibe but I'm sure it can get more immersive.  Also I feel the vocals near 3:30 are a bit dry and would sound lovely with the right approach to mixing them in.  Overall, a great and dynamic track!

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    by pblank about November 2, 2018

    Nice track Mat, so much potential here. The only point I'd like to bring up is that it's a very bass heavy/ on the low end. I would, instead of lifting the mids & highs, just lower the low end instrums. & kicks till you get a level playing field. & one other thing, the stabs line is great but is just gets lost. I would create a duplicate track & pan them at opposite each other to give them a wider presence. Hope this helps 

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    by Alex Phountzi 1 about October 18, 2018

    It sounds like it is overloading on the bottom end in places Matthew when you say mastering you mean the mix? Certain synth elements really seem to jump out still. Where are you mixing?

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    • Matthew  Bowden 1
      by Matthew Bowden 1
      October 19, 2018

      I’m in my living room mate. It’s by far not the best setup! I felt the same when I put it on the headphones and thought you might say that! Think I am going to get moving house out the way and sign up for your complete composition/production course to hel...  more

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