by John Sheerin in House about September 25, 2018 - report

Face The Void

Had this at the last PIMP. Made a few changes to the middle section. Had a look at varying the beats a bit but felt it was losing the groove so they're unchanged since PIMP. 

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    by Max Achar about October 3, 2018

    That groove got me good!!

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    by Alex Phountzi about September 25, 2018

    Great groove John, was the vocal in it last time as well? I was wondering if you could try a version with less reverb on the electronic piano and clavinet type sound?

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    • John Sheerin
      by John Sheerin
      September 25, 2018

      Hey Al, yeah the vocal was in it. I want a bit of a spacey vibe to it but also a punchy groove . I'll have a look at the reverb, might leaving the atmosphere to the hanging cord thats in there?

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