by Irize in Pop about September 23, 2018 - report


This was inspired by the people who sometimes take advantage of those who want to love them, but dont put enough effort towards those people.

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    by Max Achar about October 3, 2018

    Cool track

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    by Lawrence Maximilian about September 30, 2018

    Hey irize! Very interesting track, I 'll really like the drum break you used, the way the piano peaks midway and also just the vocal sample! Just a heads up though, did you quantize the clap? It comes across offbeat, which I think doesn't complement the song. I also think some elements are too strong in the mix, the piano sounds awsome but stings after a while. Maybe try cutting back on the reverb? 

    Anyway awsome track, and love the variations and drops! 

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    by Alex Phountzi about September 25, 2018

    Thanks for the background of the track, is that you singing? Very interesting production I wasn't expecting it to drop like it did but I really liked that swung groove you come in with. I think the mix balance and some of the processing could be altered. Some elements feel pushed back with a lot of reverb and I want the piano part to dominate a little more. Also, I think you could get a shorter tighter version, I wasn't sure the sax part was necessary

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    • Irize
      by Irize
      September 25, 2018

      The arrangement is really just opinion the mixing was done to how i felt like it all of the music i was making sounded the same and that's why i made a song like this, im not singing i sampled this from tracklib it was a soul funk track and that was my in...  more

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