by Tibor Hanzlik in House about September 18, 2018 - report

Sneaky Sound System - Can’t Help The Way That I Feel ( Marcello Totti Summer Remix )

My remix for Sneaky Sound System - Competetion . Of course I didnt win but I would love to hear what do you think about it. Thank you very much. Marcello

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    by Alex Phountzi about September 24, 2018

    It works as a remix, it feels like there is a lot going on in places and sometimes the mid rangy synths feel like they dominate. Which was the winning entry?

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    • Tibor Hanzlik
      by Tibor Hanzlik
      September 26, 2018

      Hey thank you for your comment really appriciate it. Yeah I know I allways got a problem with mix thats why I starting your master degree in January. Cant wait. The winning remix was from Onien I think. M

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