by mteteleli goboza in Deep House about 12 June - report

Black Coffee ft Ribatone - Music is the answer remix_(Rawsoulfuric Space Mix)#10YearsOfBlackCoffee

i did this remix after my mixdown i left went out , when i came back my studio equipment got stolen luckly i had back up but my mixdown on this remix was messed up and i didnt have data file to fix the song

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    by Stephen Lynch about 14 June

    That be great, cheers mate

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    by AlBlivious about 13 June

    Oh no sorry to hear about the robbery! So this is all you had left? Drums are great on this

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    by Stephen Lynch about 13 June

    Any chance you could send me the stems for this track? I'm 2 years to late for the Remix comp :-)


    Nice job on your remix. Love black coffee and this track as well.

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    • mteteleli goboza
      by mteteleli goboza
      14 June

      thanks bro , cool ill look for the stems if i can still get them

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