by Michelle Mai in House about 4 June 2018 - report

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Hi All,

Here's a remix I'll be putting out on Marinated Music soon.

Deep, funky house music with an old school vibe to it too.


Let me know what y'all think. :-)


Thanks for listening friends!


Mai Mai

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    by Kris A about 27 June 2018

    Hey great track, super funky! Sounds like the pad stab in the background might be a little out of tune with the bass and guitar though no? Really good job anyhoo.
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    by Aaron Hopkins 1 about 5 June 2018

    funky! i like this quirkyness

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    by Al Blivious about 4 June 2018

    Nice one when's it out? The guitary samples that come in remind me a little of daft punk. The drums, especially the drums have a 90s house to them so yeah I agree it has an old school feel. Congrats on the forthcoming release

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    • Michelle Mai
      by Michelle Mai
      7 June 2018

      HI Al! Thanks for the kind words! I'm hoping that it will get put out this summer. :-)
      Anytime someone mentions a relationship to Daft Punk. I'm going to take that as a compliment. Thanks again for the love and all that you do for this forum!
      Mai Mai

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