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Summer Vibes 18' (Latin, Tech, Tribal, House)

An upbeat Latin flavored Tech / Tribal style House mix. This stuff seems to be making a massive comeback so here is a selection of my favorites. Some new, and 1 or 2 throwbacks in there as well. Let the hair down and follow the drums and bass-lines on this one as your subconscious will transport you to the sandy beaches with the hot and sunny vibes.

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I did run into some issue with my other posted tracks on here, possibly because I changed my Mixcloud name to be more consistent across social media and it wouldn't let me repost the URL so here is the original link also.



1) Videojean X Oliver Loenn - Ritmo Del Sueco
2) Funkerman - Always Keep Me Waiting
3) Erick Morillo, Jamie Jones, Gene Ferris - Medication
4) Flashmob - The Lone Brazilian
5) Sergio Fernandez - Urano Beatz
6) Dennis Cruz, Martina Camargo - El Sueño
7) Dennis Cruz - La Vela (Sergio Fernandez Remix)
8) Mele - The Latin Track
9) Erick Morillo - Columbiano
10) Stefano Noferini - Burujava (Original Vibes Mix)
11) Tom Staar, Gordon Edge - Its a Trumpet Thing
12) Robbie Rivera, JP Candela - Morenita
13) Jay Lumen vs Umek - Sinful Ladies

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    by Al Blivious about June 4, 2018

    Did you change the link again it's not working for me

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    • Stephen Lynch
      by Stephen Lynch
      June 4, 2018

      This is because I posted under the new username 'iamnotoriouslynch'. The issue I was telling you about. I posted the competition entry under 'notorious_lynch' so when I changed it back for the Defected entry to work again, this new one got jacked up! I'll...  more

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