by Paulo Cling in Deep House about December 17, 2015 - report

I want you ( Non Mastered ) / minimal/ in Berlin /deep house/techno

This is my first deep house track / minimal published on soundcloud. It's supposed to take you on a nice journey :)

Enjoy ! 


Feedback will be appreciated :) 


Ps : Track still need a bit of adjustments...the track will be published on LFR records which explains the logo...

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    by John von about December 17, 2015

    hi paulo -- nice track and ideas, i love minimal and dubby sounds myself.

    one suggestion, i kind of wished there was a bit more rhythmic variety in this - of course minimal tracks usually keep the same beat without too much change anyway, but within that, its the tiny little changes and variations that keep the listener interested and keep the energy bubbling along. maybe a little percussion? or use some kind of beatchopper/slicer to cut up that hihat a bit and create some variations of it? just some ideas.

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    • Paulo Cling
      by Paulo Cling
      December 17, 2015

      Thanks for the comment ! Yep I definitely realised that the track is too monotous and needs more variations with the percussion. I just needed to post it...Thanks your comment is greatly appreciated! I'll make the percussion vary more for the next track.

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