by Agustin Pequeno in Deep House about July 21, 2015 - report

Dario Synth vs. Matt3w & Sideone feat. Chess - We Are (Foggy Remix)

Hi! this is a remix i made for a contest I only use the vocals of the original track, so what do you think?

Thanks for the feedback!

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    by Juan Sebastian Vega about July 23, 2015

    Love the idea! but i have to agree with john the beat kinda took a lil long to come in.. but if that is what you're aiming for then its all good! that's just my opinion. 

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    by John von about July 21, 2015

    I really like the groove that comes in at 1:14, and then again towards the end, my only suggestion is that I'd like to hear more of that ! I kinda felt like I was waiting a long time for beats to come in, maybe I'm just too impatient... :)

    Anyway the groove you made has a really comfortable yet driving feeling, I like it a lot.

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