by PranavMayekar in Electro House about December 2, 2015 - report

Chasing Mr Woofy.

p.s Woofy is my dogs name :) :P

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    by John von about December 4, 2015

    well -- pretty trippy for a track about your dog Mr Woofy !

    this sounds good overall Pranav.

    like the chromatically ascending sample loop that starts around 2:12 - funny!

    • John von
      by John von
      December 4, 2015

      didnt mean to hit Post so soon !
      i was going to say, my only constructive criticism would be to filter off some of the unneeded frequencies on some of the synth parts (especially) so they don't overlap so much, this will make all the parts clearer and mor...  more

    • PranavMayekar
      by PranavMayekar
      December 5, 2015

      Thanks for the honest feed John..I'll consider that,the mix should have been more clean i agree!!

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