by David Sephton in IDM about 16 May 2018 - report

Put Ya Sunglasses On

Chilled Dance track for thr Summer :)

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    by Aaron Archuletta about 24 May 2018

    nice job! check out my track: 




    Give me a comment and thumbs up, I need the points because Point Blank deleted all my stuff without any notice.

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    by AlBlivious about 16 May 2018

    Certainl got a summer feel to it and some great parts. Is thta you plaing guitar on there? I think you've got some great stuff in here but you really work this more in terms of the overall production and mix. Some unreolsving musical sections to create more tension and then release to the movement you have could work well.

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    • David Sephton
      by David Sephton
      17 May 2018

      thx al - appreciate the feedback - will have a look at this - and yes it was yours truly on guitar :)

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