by garrettroush1 in House about 16 May - report

Defected x Point Blank Mix Competition DJ OHANA

Defected x Point Blank Mix Competition DJ OHANA.mp3

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    by Maldo about 16 May

    Nice set!! Great selection, U have my vote! :)


    Please take a minute of your time to check mine and if you like it give me a vote! Thanks



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  • 223

    by Dj Blackprint about 16 May

    Excellent set nice vibes, great selection you got my vote heres my set, hope you enjoy, good luck http://community.pointblankmusicschool.com/track/view/5047/defected-x-point-blank-mix-competition-dj-blackprint
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    by Saul Pichardo 1 about 16 May

    Funky groove Garrett. Good luck
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    by Joe Collazo 1 about 16 May

    Solid mix DJ Ohana! Please take a listen to mine and give me a vote if you like it!http://community.pointblankmusicschool.com/track/view/5171/defected-x-point-blank-mix-competition-dj-joey-cee
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