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Defected Croatia 2018 Mix Competition Entry (Mixed By Pallen)

Mixed by 'Pallen' for Defected Croatia 2018 Mix Competition in conjunction with Pointblank Music School.

Pallen takes us on a Underground Musical Train Ride with a Diverse pallette of Sound, Lights and Magic, a Dj's Dj set for the Dance Floors, Festivals, Boats & Beach Party settings. Building from start to finish with memorable melodies, Classic House recordings, Disco elements and digging further into Upfront Pulsating Rythms of House Music and full out Big Room Dance Floor Hitters.

1Hour of finely Mixed and blended Quality House Recordings from across the Globe.


Mixed by Pallen for Defected Records Croatia 2018 Mix Competition.    

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  • 161

    by RobertFreeman1 about May 18, 2018

    loved the set mate, funky

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  • 4

    by Shiloh Lea 1 about April 23, 2018

    Million % gets my vote without a doubt perfection at its finest!!!!
  • 4

    by Shiloh Lea 1 about April 23, 2018

    Excellent mix!!! Just whats needed with the sunshining !!!!
  • 2

    by Sarah Tonin 1 about April 21, 2018

    Oh Yes what a brilliant Mix!! How can I download I copy? Tack @27mins is craaaazzy!!

    • Wainley
      by Wainley
      April 23, 2018

      You can stream from Mixcloud indefintely but It's unavailable to download im afraid
      Glad you Like it Thank You!!

    • Shiloh Lea 1
      by Shiloh Lea 1
      April 23, 2018

      This mix is superb!!!

  • 2

    by Patricia Scott 1 about April 20, 2018

    Loving this!!! Great energy! Its got me Dancing!!
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