by Steve Reightler in House about March 21, 2018 - report

Masters of Soul Remix

An updated version of previous WIP.  Kind of a Jazz/House fusion.

* Adjusted the piano level in the mix and tweaked the EQ a bit to bring out the funky synth more.  3/21/18

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    by sunny yadav 1 about May 6

    You can seen the here jumble puzzle solver amazing game forever.

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    by pblank about January 19

    Nice track, good strong ideas & vibe. Are the you playing or using loops? I do like the phasing effect on the keys. 

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    by Stephen Lynch about May 8, 2018

    Love the jazzy sound...nice work Steve

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    by Derek Coan about March 28, 2018

    Nice jazz groove track.
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    by Oliver Evans about March 24, 2018

    Hey Steve, I didn't hear the other version you posted up but sounds like it's coming together now. You've got some nice sounds going on. Look forward to the finished version! :)

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    by Al Blivious about March 21, 2018

    Thats a really great groove you've got going on there? Are the source sounds from the Converse Sample library? Love the overall feel of this, where is the bass from? There seems to be some clashing elements between that are the piano which I think is a little too loud in the mix

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    • Steve Reightler
      by Steve Reightler
      March 21, 2018

      Thanks, Alex. Yes, the source sounds are Converse. The bass is from Underground Sounds. I was going back and forth about the piano depending on what device I listening.

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