by Peter Scott in House about March 17, 2018 - report

Tobtok - On my way (Pete Scott Remix)

First time I tryed tryed to make a remix like this!

I missed the date for the competition!

Thought I would upload it to see what you guys think and get some feedback N that!

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    by Steve Reightler about March 21, 2018

    Nice track, man!  Very progressive House/Trance vibe going on there.  I have to agree with Al about the vocals and the kick.  I might add that the main synth might need just a tad bit more power to the chord stabs.  I mean it sounds great but maybe just a little more punch, if you understand my meaning.   Great job, though.  Cheers

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    • Peter Scott
      by Peter Scott
      March 21, 2018

      Thanks Steve. Yeah . I think I know where I went wrong in hindsight! I should have turned all the levels of everything down before I mixed it . I should have started from scratch with the mix! Done some gain staging. Brought everything down to make room ...  more

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    by Alex Phountzi 1 about March 19, 2018

    i went and listened to the original, you've done a good job with this and I like delayed vocal edit you have on your buildup. In your main section it feels like the vocal competes with the main synth sound and is your kick cutting through enough? I'm listening on a laptop and the synth sounds like it is really dominating. Where's this comp running?

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    • Peter Scott
      by Peter Scott
      March 19, 2018

      Hi . The competition was on Wavo it's was for Perfect Havoc. I didn't finish it before the deadline I just thought I would upload it see what you guys think. I was thinkinging about I should change the kick drum sound to one with more attack. I think my e...  more

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