by Danny Figueroa in IDM about March 16, 2018 - report

Meresha - Violet Night (Danny Fig Remix)

Hi friends,


Been busting my ass trying to tame that bass. Took a $195 "Mixing Low End" course by Jason Moss and got some valuable info there. But my environment is definitely not ideal, so any comments of any problems you all could here would be great to know. I beleive Leigh from Point Blank will be mastering this for me and when that happens I will post both for comparisons for yall. :) I can't wait to here the comparisons. It will help me understand my room better.

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    by Alex Phountzi 1 about March 16, 2018

    Hey Danny the low end is sounding pretty good over here, it's a big wide mix. Have you check for mono compatibility? I know Leigh and he certainly knows his stuff. Are you a student at the college?

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    • Danny Figueroa
      by Danny Figueroa
      March 20, 2018

      Did 8 weeks with him last year. He's great. This is my first track to be mastered so excited to see how it sounds in my room and how much it's been lying to me. lol. But yeah, just trying to train my ears to my room. 2 brick walls. Did great DIY panels th...  more

    • Danny Figueroa
      by Danny Figueroa
      March 21, 2018

      So I just uploaded Leigh's master. :) Much better....

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