by Steve Reightler in House about 11 March - report

Jazzy House WIP

This track is a bit different than my usual but sometimes you have to just ride the wave of inspiration.  I've had some stems from a jazz jam that I downloaded some time ago thinking that I might do a remix or something with them eventually.  Well here's eventually.  New percussion (except for the congas and shakers), bass line, and funky synth were added to rearranged piano loops.  The vocals are just the FX return from the original.  I hope you enjoy and please feel free to comment. :)

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    by Oliver Evans about 12 March

    Hey Steve, this is a really cool track, it's kind of an Acid Jazz House track, has a really nice vibe to it. Love the vocal that creeps in towards the end, maybe this could come in sooner? Nice one!

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    by Hector Brignoni 2 about 11 March

    Really like the fusion of jazz and house. Around 1:55, not sure if it was necessary to apply filters, probably the intent is to induce some variety, so it achieved the intent.  Great job!.

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    • Steve Reightler
      by Steve Reightler
      11 March

      Thank you, Hector. Yes, that was my intent with the filters. I'm not totally sold on whether or not they are necessary for this track either.

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