by Eric96 in Experimental about 3 March - report

Erik B_JAM#5


Hi, a little jam i did on the flow this week



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    by pblank about 3 March

    Ditch the precussion patches & D&B the life into this track. Otherwise Orsome :) !!! 

    • Eric96
      by Eric96
      4 March

      Thank you for your feedback !! :)

    • Al Blivious
      by Al Blivious
      5 March

      Hmm I have just been listening to this over my breakfast, very serene. Not sure I wanna it to go dnb, it works very well as it is for me. It's very long, I would try to edit the arrangement to shorten it but I love the style

    • Eric96
      by Eric96
      5 March

      @ Al Blivious, thank you for your feedbacks , tips/suggestion, appreciation !!
      :) :) :)

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