by Mridul Bhagat 2 in Techno about 3 March - report


So..this is like my first track i ever produced, an unmastered version and obviously a rookie when it comes to music production, i am trying to get into acid techno..do share your views about this one. Thank you.

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    by Steve Reightler about 11 March

    I agree, great first attempt.  I'm not as familiar with acid techno so maybe I am off in my comment but maybe there needs to be a little more tension build up and release.  There seems to be a somewhat consistent level of tension already but I'm thinking that there needs to be more movement ... if that makes sense.  Keep working at it.  Cheers.

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    by Al Blivious about 5 March

    Well you obviously know the sound and whatr you want to achieve as this sounds very good for a first track, I love the reversed clap type sound in there. I think as you develop and add sounds it starts to become a little chaotic and it detracts from the original feel of the track e.g around 2.12. Arrangement wise you could do well just to look at how other tracks in this genre are put together as a guide

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    • Mridul Bhagat 2
      by Mridul Bhagat 2
      6 March

      Thanks a lot man, will try to keep your points in mind :)

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    by pblank about 3 March

    Great first attempt

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