by Steve Reightler in House about 2 March - report

Marking Time WIP House Track

Hi everyone.  Sorry I haven't been around here much.  I've been working on a few other non-music projects.  But finally here's a new music project for 2018.  This is not necessarily the preferred arrangement but rather experimenting with the elements to see how they work together in different combinations.  I'm not sure how where it will go from here but it's a beginning.  Comments and suggestions are more than welcome.  Cheers.

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    by Marek K about 4 March

    Hi Steve,

    Great track, it grabbed my attention immediately. I like in particular the vocal, the bass and the stabs. I like also how it picks up speed at 1:01. Looking very much forward to hear the finished piece.

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    by pblank about 3 March

    Hi Steve, my first impression is that this track sounds like it's been played on a toy radio. And what I mean by that is that it is almost all down the middle. Even though the track has got a kick & a bass-line It hasn't got the 'low-end' the track needs to punch it up a notch &  also doesn't have that crystal 'top-end' to give it that sparkle & clarity. I like the what you've done  here, & I can see it has the potential when you overcome these simple fixes....good luck & keep us posted with the results.

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    by Al Blivious about 3 March

    Great to hear from you Steve. Great feel to this track, immediate impression is that it all feels far away like there is reverb on everything. Th synth work is great and you have succeeded in creating something that sounds very fresh

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    • Steve Reightler
      by Steve Reightler
      3 March

      Thanks, Al for the feedback. It looks like this project will become a collab with one of PI's esteemed members. More news to follow. :)

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