by Hector Brignoni 2 in Drum'n'Bass about 25 February 2018 - report

Heart Rate - Reality (No Sobriety Hit Me With Bass & Drum Hard Dub Remix)

Growing out of the rocksteady tradition, featuring catchy rhythms, syncopated, off-beat accents, and big, bottom-heavy basslines that carried the music forward. This is a fusion of Jamaican dub and Bass and Drum. Enjoy

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    by Al Blivious about 27 February 2018

    Really like the production on this Hector. Did you have the bvs seperate to the lead when you got the parts? There are some tuning issues with parts of the vocal and the bass and dubby synth in there that if you fix up would really help this

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    • Hector Brignoni 2
      by Hector Brignoni 2
      28 February 2018

      Answering your questions. Yes. I did have the backing vocals separate from the lead.
      The way that I mixed them was using M/S Dynamic EQ. Lead vocal compressing the M of the backing vocals, and the Backing vocal compressing the S of the lead. I will ...  more

    • Hector Brignoni 2
      by Hector Brignoni 2
      1 March 2018

      I fixed the tuning issues. Thanks for bringing this up.

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    by pblank about 26 February 2018

    Cool track! does the job nicely. 

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