by Harvey Coates in Drum'n'Bass about 25 February - report

Post Malone - Leave (Harvey Coates Remix)


An orchestral drum and bass remix of 'Leave' by Post Malone.

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    by Hector Brignoni 2 about 6 March

    i think that you can benefit from some parallel compression on the drums to make them more punchy  

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    by Al Blivious about 26 February

    This is really set up for a drum and bass remix and the idea really works however i think your drums could be stronger, they feel a little disconected from the music when it goes into the drum and bass groove, you could start by trying to push the snare level a bit....

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    • Harvey Coates
      by Harvey Coates
      1 March

      Yes I'll give that a go. Thanks for the feedback as always Al

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    by pblank about 26 February

    Very nicely worked, subtle but effective. Good work as always from you.

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