by Hector Brignoni 2 in Other about 24 February - report


This remix is a fusion of the genres inspired by the vocals. The vocals provide a wide canvas of possibilities that I tried to leverage as most as I can with different taste from acoustic ballad, progressive house, trap and moombahton and Carribean dembow. Thanks for providing a great vocal performance and stems, and thanks for listening. Enjoy!

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    by Al Blivious about 26 February

    I can definitely a number of influences and some good ideas. Have you submitted this yet?

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    • Hector Brignoni 2
      by Hector Brignoni 2
      28 February

      I did submit this song in the original contest (indaba) in which already closed. Why?

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    by Prashant subedi 1 about 26 February


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