by Chase Ocean in Other about 20 February - report

Petit Biscuit - Problems (Chase Ocean Remix)

Entered in a remix competition on wavo. https://wavo.me/chaseocean If you like it, supporting it on wavo would be greatly appreciated. 

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    by Hector Brignoni 2 about 28 February

    Good Remix.  Very elegant. 



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    by Matthew Bowden 1 about 22 February

    Id love to have a play with some vocals! This sounds great fella!

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    by AlBlivious about 21 February

    Also imo this is at another level to the Marshmellow remix you posted

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  • 1147

    by AlBlivious about 21 February

    I wasn't familair with the original so went and checked it and my conclusion is that you have smashed it with this remix, I prefer this production style to the original. The vocal has been kept in tact and the song respected, your production around it is entirely appropriate. Great work and good luck

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    • Chase Ocean
      by Chase Ocean
      23 February

      Thank you very much, I must say I am quite happy with how this turned out.

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