by David Naylor 1 in Deep House about 5 February - report


Based on a West African rhythm the song 'Kandela' mixes live percussion loops with 808 drums and sounds from the DX 100 .  Is there an engineer please who would work with me to get the sound quality to the point where it is ready for release to the world? 

I've also posted in the producion hub but as i'm knew to the community i'm not sure if i uploaded the link properly.  I though i'd post it here as well and also to ask for reviews and feedback.


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  • 2016

    by Al Blivious about 5 February

    lOve the vibe although thing the sonics are off. The main chord part is too quiet for me and the bass sounds a bit noisy? Are you running bass and drums through saturation plugins? Actually feel that the bassline would benefit from dropping out some notes to create a bit more space and syncopation. Switch up in middle I really love

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