by Ben McGreal in House about 2 February 2018 - report

District 93 - Receptor

Hey Guys!

Firstly sorry i missed p.i.m.p last night!

Heres 1/3 tracks ive been working on recently with the following 2 coming very soon!

With original vocals and writing this is 'Receptor', as always the style keeps changing as you'll be able to tell with the next 2 tracks!

Thinking about doing more mixes, is that something you guys would be interested in hearing from me too?

As always let me know what you think :)


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  • 43

    by Stefano Costa about 8 February 2018

    Great track Ben! 

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  • 248

    by Oliver Evans about 8 February 2018

    Nice work Ben mate, definitely one for the 4am crew!

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    • Ben McGreal
      by Ben McGreal
      8 February 2018

      Cheers mate, always thinking of the ravers haha!

  • 95

    by Derek Coan about 6 February 2018

    nice track!! i think like AL said would def help ,a tighter song  arrangement will work good for you here.

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  • 1150

    by Al Blivious about 2 February 2018

    Sorry you couldn't make it Ben, production is great on this although I wonder if you could strip it back a little? There's a lot going on from quite eaely in the track,  perhaps that main bass you bring in first? The other stuff sounds quite mad which works well in a early Basement Jaxx kinda way

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    • Ben McGreal
      by Ben McGreal
      8 February 2018

      Cheers Al! I think this is around Version 6 of this track.. this ones been slow cooking for a while haha! i'll put those in for consideration in the coming ones, cheers mate

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