by Kristijan 4 in Hip Hop about 1 February - report

Luis Fonsi - Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee | 2018 | Krikaryan Beat Remix |

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    by Synth Man about 2 February

    Great remix but sadly no vocals :(

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    by Aaron Archuleta about 2 February

    Nice attempt, but this doesn't sound like a remix. It sounds like you're imitating the song, rather than creating something unique. Keep practicing. 

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    • Kristijan 4
      by Kristijan 4
      2 February

      Well, all remixes off all songs are quite similar. If you create a remix of some song it can't sound completely different from that original song. It cant be unique. Most of remixing songs just have drums changed and yes they are called remixes. But thank...  more

    • Al Blivious
      by Al Blivious
      2 February

      Kristijan! Good to hear from you. Greta conga parts on the intro. Is it more of a cover version that a remix? Were you working with any of the original parts?

    • Aaron Archuleta
      by Aaron Archuleta
      3 February

      Keep working

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