by George Mackenzie in Deep House about 30 January - report

Africa Alchemist

Feedback from the PB community on this mix (my first attempt at recording a mix) of exotic (mainly African) tinged deep house tunes would be great.

Always up for a mixing sesh with anyone else keen on this sub-tribe of house/deep house music too. 

Cheers peeps x  

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    by Al Blivious about 31 January

    I've gone through and checked the tracks it sounds like a solid selection that weill work in a listening environment as well as as a nice club vibe. I like it that it is not just banging dance music. Will listen properly have only just flicked through the mix

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    • George  Mackenzie
      by George Mackenzie
      31 January

      Thanks for taking the time to flick through dude!

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