by Mark Whittaker in Experimental about 4 January 2018 - report

The two hour challenge

Can you complete a new track in two hours including uploading to SoundCloud without using any loops?  Dissatisfied with my music productivity I set myself this challenge yesterday eveing - and yes I failed.  The track "Against the Clock" took me 2 hours and 15 minutes from start to upload on SoundCloud.  With absolutely no preparation it was a really interesting and intense experience as I had to make decisions quickly and move on.  In addition to using no loops I only used stock plugins in my DAW (Studio One) with the exception of Ozone for a final mastering polish.  The end product is so far from perfect and listening now there is a lot that I want to change (for example the lead synth sound does not cut through the mix, the drum programming is a bit lame and the piano is rather robotic) but for 2 hours 15 minutes I am quite happy.  I will give this another go in a week or two to see if I can complete the challenge within 2 hours hopefully with a more inspired track.

I challenge you to take the challenge too and post your tracks.



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    by Matthew Bowden 1 about 25 January 2018

    This is an awesome idea! once I am accustomed to the new DAW I will certainly take you up on this challenge :D As these guys said, Good job for two hours!! well done fella!!

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    by John Sheerin about 5 January 2018

    Agree with Al, great vibe to this. Your on to something with the 2 hr challenge. Good stuff Mark.
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    • Mark Whittaker
      by Mark Whittaker
      5 January 2018

      John, Thank you for the comments. Let's do a 2 hour challenge. BW Mark

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    by Al Blivious about 5 January 2018

    Actually I think you've done really well with this in such a short time and I think the setting of parameters for yourself has been really beneficial, this is maybe one of the best things that I have heard you upload here. It's got a real open feeling old school house feel to it and doesn't sound overly laboured. I've seen your post on the main page so will continue the discussion over there...

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    • Mark Whittaker
      by Mark Whittaker
      5 January 2018

      Hi Al, Thank you for the feedback. May be I have been over thinking my tracks up to now. I will certainly try this again, Cheers, Mark

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