by Mark Whittaker in Experimental about 4 January - report

Hope Next Exit

I had a lazy Christmas break and produced only this one ambient track over the holiday period.  Feedback and comments as to how to improve very welcome.  Cheers, Mark

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    by Matthew Bowden 1 about 27 January

    The atmospherics' here are incredible! The female vocal really suits the track, leaves me wanting more, but satisfied! Despite the difference in style, it has that epic feel like Now we are free - Gladiator theme! Fantastic job!
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    by hideyuki 秀幸 kuromiya 黒宮 about 15 January

    beautiful pad intro... effective guitar combination!

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    by AlBlivious about 8 January

    Some lovely textures in there in the intro Mark, is that your guitar playing in there Mark? It would be interesting to hear a song recorded to this, beyond that I think it works really well as an ambient piece

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    • Mark Whittaker
      by Mark Whittaker
      8 January

      Thanks for the comments Al. The glissando guitar right at the beginning is me but all the other guitar parts were achieved with plugins. Cheers, Mark

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