by Daniel Charles in Deep House about 30 December 2017 - report

Chris Stephens back at it again.


I'd love some feedback on this. It's ambient chillout. I feel it would suit TV or gaming. Let me know your thoughts. All feedback welcome. Cheers. 

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    by pblank about 20 January

    Nice track, I like what you've done here. A track that is not predictable, whilst it leaves you to conjure up your imagination on it's vibe.

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    by AlBlivious about 4 January

    I agree that it would probably suit be placed to picture in the right context. For me the mix between drums and music doesnt feel right. The hi hats and shakers are too loud in the mix and are dominateing the music too much. I think you could maybe lose some of the shakers and hats or pull them back in the mix and create a little more space and make a decision on what you want to be the focal point(s) of the track

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