by Stephane Massa in House about December 28, 2017 - report

SMAP - 001

hey guys, long time viewer, short time poster. Me and a great friend of mine did a Fuse-style track , and hope you guys enjoy this clip. Looking forward to being with you guys in london in september! peace!

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    by pblank about January 20, 2018

    Nice start to a great track. For me the bass is lacking in sound clarity so sounds a bit out of the track, just needs bringing back in.

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    by Alex Phountzi 1 about January 2, 2018

    Nice one Stephane good to meet you and the track is sounding really good, is there a longer arrangement? If I had any feedback it would be that the intro section feels a little underwhelming and could probably be a bit more atmospheric, once you get to around 35 seconds it's working well but before that felt a little too raw. Are you coming to PB in September?

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    • Stephane Massa
      by Stephane Massa
      January 16, 2018

      Yes, this is actually just a small clip from a work in progress. I am enrolled yes, and super excited to learn and work with you guys. Incredible campus. I appreciate the good feedback. Ill soon be posting one of my full length arrangements once I have t...  more

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