by Danny Figueroa in IDM about December 2, 2017 - report


Honest opionions are greatly appreciated. Let me know how the bass holds up on your end. Thanks for listening.


Danny Fig

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    by Alex Phountzi 1 about December 4, 2017

    I'm listening on headphones right now, it's really sounding very well rounded at my end. My thoughts are that it's sounding good but I'm not sure about that first vocal part/edit that comes in, the second one works a lot better. Overall really liking how it develops musically and really like the sounds you use

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    • Danny Figueroa
      by Danny Figueroa
      December 19, 2017

      Thanks for the info. I did a little revision. Still getting used to SoundCloud's AIFF conversion. I think the vocals may be to high. Will have to give it a good listen again. I have not worked with a vocalist yet and look forward to it one day. :)

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