by Claudio Melis in Experimental about 23 October 2017 - report

Mebitek & Cycle of Crone - Melancholy

Dark Ambient track with the wonderful voice of @cycleofcrone
produced for the "This is Darkness Vol. 1 Dark Ambient" Compilation


Lyrics by Cycle of Crone:

Sorrow… alive 
In the night you cull your light 
Though you seek the grave… ignite

Where your sorrow has no name 
Drown and drown inside the flame
And all hope is singed with lies 
Til the dark becomes your eyes

Your eyes
Sorrow… alive

The copyrights of all mebitek works are administered by the Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society (MCPS).
original photo and artwork by mebitek (mogoro struvina)
orginal field recordings by mebitek - sheeps, bells, milking on Floris farm - Mogoro

all music are composed, performed by mebitek, voice by Patricia Ann (Cycle of Crone)
- Spitfire Audio Albion One, Evo Grid 1 and 3
- maschine
- Komplete Kontrol KS25
- ProjectSAM Symphobia 2

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  • 2083

    by Al Blivious about 23 October 2017

    Great stuff Claudio and good to hear from you. As usual I am imagining that there is a film to accompany this one?

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    • Claudio Melis
      by Claudio Melis
      24 October 2017

      this time no Al. cause the track is for a compilation. I'm working on my short film now that will be out in a couple of weeks

  • 418

    by Oliver Evans about 23 October 2017

    Great work Claudio, very deep and dark. Always love your orginality!

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