by Mark Zalucky in Pop about 13 October - report

Anthony Touma Remix Competition - Walk Away (LuckyZah Remix)

Hey everyone - here is my submission for the Anthony Touma Remix Competition. The objective was to remix this in the style of a commercial dance release. My goal was to find a careful balance between elements of the original version and my own ideas - this is the result. I hope you vibe with it!

Thanks for the opportunity and good luck to all participating.


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    by Nenas Nodisc about Mon at 00:11


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    by Ray Wilson about 15 October

    Great take on the tune. Well mixed and balanced. Good Luck

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    by Imran Qureshi about 14 October

    I agree with Al - great track and instruments - but probably needs that drop for that club feel.

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    by Al Blivious about 13 October

    I like what you have done with this Mark although if you wanted to take it more into the club/dance territory that you seem to be aiming for I think the 'drop' section would have to be stronger than it is at the moment

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    • Mark Zalucky
      by Mark Zalucky
      13 October

      Thank you for listening to my remix and for the feedback. It's much appreciated!

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