by Alessio95 in Techno about 13 October - report

Talbot - Bedlam

Hi there!

I made this track by using some of the basic techniques of Midi and Audio functions and adding automation to the melodies so that to create a connection between them.

Lookin' forward to hear your comment for any advices.



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    by Casse about 10 hours ago

    Nice work! Chill out vibe! How did you made the pad wich you can hear at 1:18 very clear? It sounds so relaxed. 

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    by Al Blivious about 13 October

    I really like this Alessio, the arpegiatted synth really works in a minimal track. The break down at around 1.50 through me a bit I wasn't expecting that then so soon after the earlier one.  The extar arp at 2.33 seems quite dissonant to my ears, is that intentional? For me the track works better stripped back

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    • Alessio95
      by Alessio95
      13 October

      Thanks Al :) . Yes, it was intentional; the extra arp expresses the out of control, so I wanted something to catch the ears of the listener. Maybe I should edit the side chain and the eq on it so that to cut off some dissonant parts, shouldn't you ?

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