by D'Angelo Gumbs in Trap about 9 October - report

Anthony Touma Remix Competition - Walk Away (Olegna Remix)

Please Take a listen or download &tell me what you think! ;) I Appreciate the love. #Olegna ジ

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    by Al Blivious about 10 October

    I really like what you do with the intro and buildup but the drop feels a bit anti climatic, as Tacuabe said you lose energy. I love the mallet sounds in there, Perhaps the drop section could just be stripped back a lot more?

    • D'Angelo Gumbs
      by D'Angelo Gumbs
      11 October

      Thank u Al

    • tacuabe
      by tacuabe
      11 October

      maybe you could try getting some elements out at the intro therefore you will have a more acoustic thing and the drop won't feels like less powerful.

    • D'Angelo Gumbs
      by D'Angelo Gumbs
      13 October

      Great feedback. If only I had the time to fix that before the deadline! Thanks mate!

  • 30

    by tacuabe about 10 October

    Working now. Hey i think you lose energy with the drop, don't you get the same? But i like it, pretty original. Good luck

  • 30

    by tacuabe about 9 October

    sth wrong with the link

    • Al Blivious
      by Al Blivious
      9 October

      Im getting that too, need to look into it

    • D'Angelo Gumbs
      by D'Angelo Gumbs
      10 October

      I'll look into it. Thank u!
      See if the one below works.

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