by Xrenon the MusicMage 1 in Other about 6 October 2017 - report

Pluckstacks [EDM]

This happens when I make EDM.

It all started in a car, my mother drove us home and I - bored as ever - listened quietly to the radio. Since I don't actually enjoy Pop Music that much I focused an analyzed what could have been made how in these track. And then it blew my mind: All this morphing from plucked EDM "Guitars" to fully playing Chordstacks is just the automation of one single knob: the Pluck knob. I needed to instantly try out wheather I was right with that guess and I was. So I ended up having some 25 seconds long test clip that actually sounded pretty good. A few days later - since I liked my work pretty much - I continuned to compose and shape and try out some EDM elements and one week later this track was finally done. I just did some mastering and reworking afterwords but that didn't change composition or the idea.

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