by Steve Reightler in House about 17 July 2017 - report

You Lift Me Higher

Latest Lo-Fi House project.  Some classic sounds used in this track ... Juno 6 for the pads and TB303 for the lead arp.

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    by Oliver Evans about 19 July 2017

    Really liking this Steve, I'm with Al on the 'vinyl' comment though, almost sounds too over done. I think if you took it in and out over the track you'd get more of an impact when the track comes back in with a 'cleaner' sound, it would be subtle but affective. Other than that it's a great track!

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    by Marek K about 17 July 2017

    Great track, Steve. I like the break around 2:03, again around 3:24. The track slows down nicely, and then it picks up speed again. Cool bass line and of course cool vocal. Nice percussions, remind me somehow in a good way at Gat decor - Passion (naked mix)

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    by Al Blivious about 17 July 2017

    Sounding dope Steve you know actually listening ot this I think perhaps you are overdoing on the lo fi vibe, I think you could pull that record crackle (is that what it is?) sound back in the mix and still get an old school sound on this. At the moment it sounds like it has the equivalant of a instagram photo filter over the whole mix in that it colouts the track too much. The actually track behind is sounding great

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    • Steve Reightler
      by Steve Reightler
      17 July 2017

      Thanks Al. Yeah it's difficult to tell how much crackle to add sometimes. I did pull it back some since the version you heard on the last PIMP. I'll have to try some different speakers because the phones I am using do too good of a job noise cancelli...  more

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